Riverwood Technology is a national supplier of server based skilled games.  If you are interested in adding new software, changing existing software, or adding additional machines to an existing location, we offer a library of products with professionally designed graphics and sounds.

One of our competitive advantages is not being limited to sourcing products from a single developer. We utilizing established relationships in the industry to locate proven and tested software from multiple developers.  Our library of products provides community play and live reporting analysis.

As a result, our Atlanta based company now distributes coast to coast in the U.S. and in the Caribbean.

Enjoy perusing our offered products, we are confident of their performance in any marketplace.

Riverwood’s progressive system, known in the market as “THE PIG” feature, provides players from different communities the opportunity to share in the same jackpot. Our progressive is a proven commodity deployed by operators to attract and retain loyal customers.

The system integrates a play feature on all terminals indicating the progressive is in play and about to be rewarded. Many operators utilize audio and video technology to promote the progressive’s progress while highlighting the player’s opportunity to win a community pot.

Understanding and analyzing the performance of the games is key to any operator’s success. That is why Riverwood provides real-time backend reporting to its clients. The system allows operators to take the guesswork out of the games performance and allows them to make informed decisions about their locations based on actual results as they occur. Every location is different and every operator should have the ability to analyze their performance in real time.

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